Tired of guessing what to eat, when to eat it, and how much you need to get fit?

CrossFit Culpeper's Personalized Nutrition Profile is your solution.

We have partnered with NutritionWOD to provide you the best nutrition service to compliment the best fitness service in Culpeper.  

"Our passion is mentoring people and we want to guide you through the nutrition misinformation and train you how to determine what works for you in terms of your lifestyle. Our team of devoted nutrition coaches are ready to help you finally look as great as you feel doing CrossFit. "  Courtesy of

Over 60 actionable nutrition recommendations that take the guess work out of making gains

7-Day custom macro meal plan (28 meals) so that you can stop planning and start seeing results.

40+ videos showing you how to use your profile to crush PR's and reach your goals

What is inside of your personalized nutrition plan?

  • Balanced macro breakdown for meals and snacks
  • Macro adjustment for training, competition, recovery, and injury
  • Personal health and performance supplement recommendations
  • 7-day meal plan custom fit to your macros
  • When to eat based on your schedule
  • Custom hydration guidelines including pre, during, and post workout
  • Your Plate Score™ showing you how to make better food choices
  • Progression Matrix™ to help you evaluate your training gaps
  • Specific targets for ideal added sugar intake
  • Personalized recommendations to manage stress and improve sleep
  • 90 day access to NWOD U Academy helping you make lifelong gains
  • Three months of email support to help you get the most out of your profile

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