What do we offer

What does CrossFit Culpeper offer?

When you are shopping around for a gym what is the first thing that you are interested in.  PRICE?  If all things were created equal then price would definitely be my first choice as well, but they aren't so what's the next option that you look at, amenities, coaching quality, hours of operation, community, results?   We have those in spades.

Unlike the typical membership at those globo gyms you don't just pay for access to our facility and then get lost in the crowd.  You are paying for the best coaches that can be found in Culpeper.  Our coaches are certified by CrossFit and CrossFit Culpeper ensures that our coaches know physiology, anatomy, coaching, weight lifting, olympic lifting, mobility and therapy solutions.  Why pay for something if your not getting the best, right?  Our prices actually beat most globo gym prices.   Most globo gym prices offer you a tempting price but your locked into a long two year contract that is almost impossible to get out of.   What about all those hidden fees such as equipment fees or upgrade fees.   Yikes, what are you paying now?  Our prices are built in.  No up charge, no hidden fees.  You get coached, trained every time you come into the gym at CrossFit Culpeper.   What is a personal coach worth to you?   Most gyms in town charge about $60 per half our session or you can get a package for $200 a month to get personal training to help you reach your goals.  Your $40 a month contract now costs $100 for access to a gym and one personal training session or $240 for access to the gym and four personal training sessions.  

At CrossFit Culpeper you receive coaching every single time you walk through our doors.  Our coaching includes watching your form, scaling solutions, mobility work, weight training and motivation.  What about our programming?  We have programming that has been tweaked and perfected over the past 10 years to ensure results.   It's backed by exercise science to ensure that you get the results that you are paying for.   At the heart of everything is our members.  Our members are all here for one reason and that is to get fit and enjoy doing it.  Our members motivate each other, hold each accountable and since everybody is going through the exact same workout that you are they know what you are going through.   When you come to our gym you don't pay for easy, you pay for results.   If your going to spend your money on a fitness solution then why not pay for results instead of dumping money into same old solution that hasn't worked in years past.  

Price per class breakdown:

3 days a week (Year membership) at $109 ($9.08 per class)

Unlimited access (Year membership) at $129 ($5.38 per class)

Unlimited access (6 month membership) at $149 ($6.21 per class)

Monthly membership (Unlimited access) at $169 ($7.04 per class)