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Welcome to CrossFit Culpeper! We are the FIRST CrossFit Facility to Culpeper, VA and we are looking forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our coaching having form and mobility being our top priority and we will definitely have some fun along the way. We offer several training programs catering to the different needs of our members such as our Foundations programs which is for those interested in learning more of the CrossFit movements or those just getting back into a more active lifestyle. Please use the program descriptions and links below to find exactly what you're looking for. If you've got any questions then you can check out our FAQ page which should answer all of your questions and if it still doesn't, then please don't hesitate to contact us!

CrossFit Culpeper is partners with CrossFit Manassas, and this partnership provides you with access to classes 7 days a week.  Check here for a list of their times.

If your looking to try CrossFit and see if its a fit for you, then please use the "Foundations" link listed below".  For just $19.99 you get 2 classes that teach you the fundamental CrossFit movements and provide a great workout. You then get to choose 1 standard CrossFit class to participate in.  This is a total of 3 classes for less than our standard 1 day drop in fee. 

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CrossFit Standard Programs

Summer Specials

CrossFit Foundations / Personal Training

 (3 Classes/ 1 Week)

Personal Training
(30 Min Sessions)

1 on 1

The "CF - Foundations" program is for 2 classes held on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7:30pm + 1 day of a standard class workout of your choice within the same week.

In the Foundations Course, you will learn how to perform the fundamental CrossFit Movements safely and effectively, ensuring a seamless transition into the Group Workouts after completing your Foundations training.

1 Session = $60

10 Sessions = $499, save $100

  1 on 1 instruction
 Assessment to determine area of focus
 Multiple training sessions options available
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CrossFit Standard Programs


Unlimited Membership

CrossFit Membership
 $129/month $109/month
 Access to any and all of our CrossFit classes, mobility classes, rowing classes,  and Open gym in both Culpeper and Manassas locations.

With a potential of 24+ classes a month this breaks down to around $5.38 a class

(Jiu-Jitsu Ad-on: $50)

 Access to 3 CrossFit classes in both Culpeper and Manassas locations. (No Open Gym)

With a potential of 24+ classes a month this breaks down to around $4.54 a class

(Jiu-Jitsu Ad-on: $50)
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Pre-Tumbling Programs

Tumbling Tots
(4 Month Contract)
1 Class A Week


Sat. @ 8:00am

Age Recommendation: 1-3
A parent and child class geared to explore movement together through play and learn activities. Our fun program provides the essentials for developing gross motor skills, confidence, and following directions. Class will help children develop balance, coordination and social skills while strengthening the parent-child bond.
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Standard Tumbling Programs

Tumbling Introduction
(4 Month Contract)

1 Class A Week
Instructional Tumbling
(4 Month Contract)

1 Class A Week 
Advanced Tumbling
(4 Month Contract)
1 Class A Week
Sat. @ 9:00am
Thur. @ 5:30pm

Class is 45 min. in length

Age Recommendation: 3-5

If you are new to tumbling then this is the class for you.  Our Introduction to tumbling class (One class a week) will focus not only on tumbling, but social, physical and cognitive development. Fine and gross motor skills will improve and an increase in fitness levels will be taught through stretching, games, coordination drills, creative movement and other various activities.   Throughout time, your child will learn the basics of tumbling movements to get them ready for our Tumbling Instruction movements class. 

Sat. @ 10:00am
Wed., Thur.  @ 6:30pm
 Class is 45 min. in length

Age Recommendation: 5-12

If you have the basics of tumbling down then our Instructional tumbling class (One class a week) is for you.  This class will take your level in the basics in tumbling and improve your knowledge as well as core strength. Students will develop strength, flexibility, and coordination as well as tumbling skills. These areas will not only be useful in gymnastics, but other sports as well
Wednesday @ 5:30pm

Class is 1 hour in length

This class will build upon the skills learned in the Instructional Tumbling class and continue to develop body control. Skills learned will be fine tuned and tumbling combination passes will be introduced. Class will continue to focus on building strength, flexibility and teamwork. Higher level tumbling skills such as back handspring and back walkover will be introduced and refined. Class is by invitation only after evaluation by coach.

**Advanced class plus access to the instructional tumbling classes will be $89 a month
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Personalized Nutrition Profile
(w/3 month access to NWOD U)
$69 one time
  • Balanced macro breakdown for meals and snacks
  • Macro adjustment for training, competition, recovery, and injury
  • Personal health and performance supplement recommendations
  • Personalized recommendations to manage stress and improve sleep
  • 7-day meal plan custom fit to your macros
  • When to eat based on your schedule
  • Custom hydration guidelines including pre, during, and post workout
  • 90 day access to NWOD U Academy helping you make lifelong gains

  • Your Plate Score™ showing you how to make better food choices
  • Progression Matrix™ to help you evaluate your training gaps
  • Specific targets for ideal added sugar intake
  • Three months of email support to help you get the most out of your profile

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